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3 Paint Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Painting your space is a fairly easy way to give it new life! With unending options though, the thought of paint can be overwhelming and exhausting; sucking all of the fun and excitement right out of making your space all that it’s meant to be.

Today I’m going to share 3 mistakes that many make when it comes to paint and how you can avoid them!

Mistake # 1: Making Decisions at the Paint Store

I can't tell you how many times I’ve been browsing/eavesdropping in the paint section and seen folks literally make their final decision on a color right then and there. “White is white, right?!” WRONG. Paint chips don’t give you enough to go on, so sampling is a must! Put the paint on the wall to see how it will play out in your space at different times of the day. (Tip: paint foam-core or poster board so that you can move color options around the room and sit with them for a bit). The best time to realize that your paint color is wrong is before you’ve painted the entire room, not after! Sample, sample, sample!

Mistake #2: Disregarding Color Variations

Let’s say you’re 100% certain that you want to paint your living area gray. You can’t conclude that any old gray will do. Undertones can't be overlooked. 'What are undertones?', you ask. Well, when more than one color is blended together the color you perceive is the overtone. The color you don’t see is the undertone. Gray can have 3 undertones; blue, green, and violet. Test different shades once you have narrowed down the color you want and compare them to your lighting and decor. This will ensure that all of your elements coordinate beautifully!

Mistake #3: Living with a Color You Hate

In mistake #1 I mentioned that the best time to find out you went with the wrong paint color is before the entire room is painted. For most it doesn’t happen that way (trust me, I’ve been there!) The good news is that paint is not permanent and can easily be redone so don’t feel obligated to just live with it. Try, try again! If you don’t want to repaint, try switching out your light bulbs (fluorescents ones are culprits for throwing off shades) or give removable wallpaper a go.

I hope this information was helpful! If you have more paint questions, set up a Complimentary Call

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