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4 Tips for Shopping Home Decor

If you tend to be an impulsive buyer, your home decor might be all over the place. When you crave a cohesive look, there’s a lot to account for! I’ve written up my best tips for shopping home decor so you can refresh your space without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed.

1. Get inspired

You can never have too much inspiration! This might seem like the first tip for everything, but it’s essential to thoughtful design. Otherwise, you fall into impulsive buying with items that don’t go together and your space doesn’t have the intentional feel you want. Not to say everything has to be right out of a magazine, but for a cohesive space you’ll want to know some non-negotiables. Pinterest is always top of the list, but you can also think through your stylish friends' homes and how their space is pulled together. It doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics of popular home decor either. Take a look at this list for a quick overview of styles you can bring into your home.

2. Evaluate your space

Even after getting inspired, figuring out how to pull together your space can be overwhelming - especially if it feels like you need a full rehaul. You’ll likely need to plan your budget, too. Take account for what you already have that might just need some sprucing up. Of course, home decor is a great investment! But if it comes down to new furniture or the finishing touches, it may be worth it to add a coat of paint instead of killing the whole idea because furniture is out of the budget. To keep it easy, go ahead and set aside things you know need to be tossed. The process of elimination will declutter the room and help you focus. Here are some things to think through as you make room for new pieces:

What items are the wrong color? Can they be painted?

What items don’t serve a purpose? Would they bring purpose or an accent to another room?

Do you genuinely like it, or was it a gift you’ve outgrown?

Does your art match your inspiration, or was it a wine night project?

Decluttering can be full of hard, sentimental decisions. Keep in mind that you have the right to create the home you want, even if it means letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore. By removing or donating them, you’re giving someone else a chance to enjoy them and giving yourself freedom to make your home really yours.

3. Make a list

Now that you’ve dropped off a box to the thrift store, make a list of what you need to purchase. Do you need more storage in an area? Do you need to rearrange furniture? Do you want updated accents or art? Do you need some greenery? Once you’ve made your list, double check your vision board. Is there anything on the board that you forgot to write down? Are your items still in line with your budget and desired aesthetic? Once you’ve finalized your list, it’s time for the fun part!

4. Shop ‘til you drop!

With your list in hand, you can scout out some online shops, stores in your area, or an interior designer that specializes in the aesthetic you love. The perk of using an interior designer is that they’re already familiar with where to get the items you’re looking for, and if you work with Idyll Bound, I share my designer discount! Some think interior design is expensive, but in the long run you can get better prices and the look you want. If you want to go it alone, shop around for the best pricing and don’t forget to gather supplies for the DIY projects you might have chosen to stay within budget. As your items come in, celebrate the progress you’re making and of course - take pictures and tag @idyll_bound_interiors. I’d love to see how you’re updating your space!

If you get stuck trying to make decisions in the store, I’m now offering in-store shopping experiences for my local clients! I share my designer discount and make sure you stay on track with your vision. I only have a limited number of spots open, so let me know when we’re doing a shopping spree!

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