• Renatta Davis

4 Ways to Add Industrial Style to your Home Office

Industrial Style done well is full of juxtaposition. Exposed brick walls, metal framework, and raw wood accents are essential to a sleek industrial look. Especially in Greenville, SC we’re seeing more and more old mills turned into wedding venues, corporate offices, and even coworking spaces. If you’d like to bring some of these elements into your home office, you’re certainly in good company. Metal Framework The industrial style brings a little edge to the office. With the foundation of wood and metal combinations, your home office can have the same assertive, polished intentions of an executive office downtown. A wood top desk with black metal legs will give you a minimalistic feel, without sacrificing functionality. This type of desk may not come with as much storage, but a black filing cabinet will supplement a lack of drawers. You can also find industrial standing shelves, bookshelves, and wall-mounted shelves to fill in the room and store books, photos, and décor. Thoughtful Accents At the core, the industrial style can sometimes lend to masculine overtones. To soften it up and not feel like you’re in an old warehouse, add some texture to balance the harsher elements. A faux fur rug or office chair is a great way to soften the feel and bring femininity to the space. Velvet office chairs or sitting chairs bring a touch of glam and elevated style and are easy to find. If you want to stick to a more neutral vibe, leather accents are a popular industrial choice. However you go about it, making your home office feel like you will be the fun part. Oversized Art Even in a small home office, oversized art pulls together the look of industrial style, especially if on an exposed brick wall. Most homes don’t have exposed brick on the interior, so cityscapes of old historic landmarks can give a nod to classic brick components. Of course, it’s all about making it work for your home and your tastes. Abstract art, maps, and bridges make great pieces for an industrial office. Like an office overlooking the city, the art you choose can recreate that atmosphere at home! A Little Greenery I’m all about some greenery and house plants. While plants aren’t necessarily a “must have” of industrial style, it’s a popular way to brighten corners and shelves that may need a bit of life. Depending on what you’re working with, rough elements can feel a little too gritty and uninviting. With all interior design, it’s important to be mindful of those aspects that take trending styles from design to divine. Think about some greenery you may add to your desk or window sill. It may make all the difference! Still a little stuck? Here are some ideas I’ve been loving lately:

Venture X Coworking Space--Greenville, SC

Junto Coffee--Taylors, SC

The Warehouse Hotel--Singapore

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