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5 Online Retailers for Inspired Home Decor

As an interior designer who offers virtual services, I’m always scoping out the best online retailers for home decor. And yes, this can lead to having way too many tabs open or bookmarking a ton of favorite things! But when brainstorming, I’d rather have more than enough solid options and eliminate from there.

Today I’m sharing some tried and true places I check first that I know will have what I’m looking for in stock.


The home decor at Anthropologie is what it would be like if all of our arts and crafts actually turned out perfectly instead of looking like a hot-glued hot mess. If you want creative, artsy, and inspiring home decor, Anthropologie is your place.

Known for patterns and bright pops of color, they also have a great selection of subdued pieces, too, and I love that they update their collections pretty frequently. If you don’t find something in a current collection, you’ll have new options within a season. However, if you’re like me you might end up buying one of everything because it’s all so fun!

While I LOVE the endless options at Anthropologie, if you’re a little more traditional they may not be your first choice. Keep reading for options that may fit your style better.


When you shop on Etsy you’re supporting independent artists and makers and can find some of the most beautiful handmade or vintage pieces for your home. What I love about Etsy is that I can find unique styles for really personal aesthetics. While the big companies are usually a mix of trends and classics, Etsy can connect you to that one-in-a-million piece you’ve been looking for and you can definitely find pop culture decor here if that’s your thing.

One of my best practices for Etsy is if you see a few pieces you like, check the item’s “shop” for similar items. This can help you curate a cohesive style instead of going back to the search bar for each piece.

A warning, though, always check the size and finish prices. Especially when it comes to prints, you may be lured by a low price only to find out it’s for a 4x6 instead of a larger print shown in the picture. Items with different stains or finishes can vary in price as well so make sure you double check size and finish before adding to cart! (Marble Sink by BalducciMarmi on Etsy)

World Market

Nowhere makes my heart sing like World Market - the G.O.A.T. of boho! In the same way Anthropologie feels like my art studio dreams come true, World Market has the wanderlust essence I can’t get away from.

Not only have they been serving boho style forever, but they’re incredibly good at making high quality pieces that aren’t too trendy.

Just like in their brick and mortar stores, their rugs, accent pieces, and artwork are immaculate. World Market stands firm in what they offer as a brand, so you can trust their quality and style will stay the same throughout the years.

West Elm

“West Elm is a girl’s best friend” - that’s how the saying goes right? For my modern, classic admirers West Elm will have every staple you could ever want and the accents to brighten up your space. With a commitment to being good for people and the planet they’re the only home furnishings retailer listed on Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies list.

West Elm’s decor is an earth tone paradise and even has a baby & kids store for the mindful mamas who want an inspired look in every room. While the kids’ store is more colorful, it still has the quality look and feel of West Elm’s overall brand.

Pro tip: Check out their Deals Under $20 section for things like throw pillows and vases!

Holistic Habitat

Holistic Habitat offers finely crafted goods for The Socially Conscious. As a curator of home goods you’ll find treasured vintage and antique pieces in their online store. For the individualist, you’ll be far from cookie-cutter finds with Holistic Habitat!

I personally love their wall organization options as well as their vintage section. You never know what you’ll find, but act fast because almost everything is one-of-a-kind here!

Bonus: Facebook Marketplace

Although Facebook Marketplace may not count as an official “online retailer” you can find some great steals! You may have to be a little flexible in what you look for, but you can find some winners for amazingly cheap prices every now and then.

Since you’ll usually find used items you may need to be ready to clean and address wear and tear, but sometimes you’ll

find brand new or fairly new items with no damage at all! It’s also a good balance of shopping online and seeing it before you buy it. That way you don’t have to rebox something you bought online if it didn’t work. You can say no beforehand!

Top items bought in home decor are large and small furniture (think dining room tables and accent chairs), outdoor furniture, seasonal decor, and light fixtures. Of course it can be hit or miss but you can get a bargain if you keep an eye out!

There you have it - my tried and true online retailers for all things home decor. As always, I’d love to see what you find! Tag @idyll_bound_interiors in your home makeovers and let me know where you found what fits you perfectly.

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