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How to Create Space Ambiance

Setting the ambiance of your space is necessary for you to be able to enjoy it. Color, lighting, organization, furniture placement and flow all contribute to the mood of your home. But today we’ll focus on how layering, texture, and aromatics also come into play when getting the ambiance of your space just right!

After you’ve decided on the feel you’re going for, consider these three aspects:


Patterns, shapes, and colors add depth, balance and contrast to a space. This cohesively styled look is referred to as layering. You’re probably familiar with layering in terms of fashion; it’s the elements that take the outfit to the next level. The concept is the same for interiors, layering transforms a room from cold to cozy and gives it that “lived in” feel. Wall coverings, flooring, furnishings, lighting, and decor items are just a few categories to consider when layering a room properly. If you’re going for a chill vibe, the easiest way to begin to incorporate this might be adding throw pillows to your oversized sofa.


Did you know that in addition to contributing to the style of your space, texture can also be used to create ambience? It’s not just about how your home furnishings look, how they feel plays a very important part in setting the tone. If you’re going for a feminine chic mood, select soft, fine materials and embellished furniture. For a more masculine feel, try natural materials like unfinished wood and stone. Some textile elements you might consider are: 3D decor, fireplace materials, window treatments, area rugs and so much more.


Creating the desired mood for your space isn’t just about furnishings and accessories. Scents play a huge part in making sure the vibe is on point! A fresh beautiful bouquet of flowers can give you the best of both worlds and is my personal go-to. Studies have shown that fresh flowers at home or work have been linked to boosting overall mood, energy, and concentration; while calming the sympathetic nervous system, increasing relaxation. Candles, incense and essential oils are also options that you can experiment with.

Now that you have a better idea of a few of the basics for creating the ambiance for you space, let Idyll Bound Interiors help expand your plans and create a space that you always enjoy spending time in and never want to leave. Schedule a Complimentary Call

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