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Not All Yellows are Created Equal

If you’ve been around Idyll Bound for more than two seconds, you know it’s no secret that yellow shades are my absolute favorite for just about anything. I love yellow clothes, yellow flowers, yellow pillows, and even yellow walls! I can’t get enough… BUT that doesn’t mean I’m reckless. While yellow comes in so many gorgeous shades, it should always compliment your personality and style and be used wisely.

Yellow certainly makes a statement, and today I’m sharing my favorite yellow show stopping shades.

First up, Farrow & Ball, California Collection - Citrona This vibrant yellow brings the beauty of California’s lemon trees straight into your home without being too bright and shiny. For the type of person who loves earth tones but doesn’t want to go too brown, Citrona is a great yellow to use for your home office or den. Anywhere you can be comfy and relaxed under a lemon tree is where I’d use this color!

Farrow & Ball - Yellow Ground

More of a mid yellow tone, Yellow Ground meets in the balance of sunny shades like Citron and mellower shades like mustard. I love this color for a living room or outdoor furniture. It’s

sophisticated and warm and can easily match with multiple styles. From boho to farmhouse to modern, Yellow Ground fits right in!

Clare - Good as Gold

I can’t hold it in - Clare’s Good as Gold is simply GORGEOUS! When I first saw this color I was ready to repaint everything in my house. It's so beautiful! My opinion aside, Good as Gold is an immaculate shade for those who want a little “oomph” without getting too risky. This mustard tone is almost like an elevated version of your typical beige, tan, or other “safe” color. Add some pops of greenery, and your space is instantly ready for a Pinterest showdown. In case you missed it, I LOVE this color!

Benjamin Moore - Lemon Chiffon

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Benjamin Moore’s Lemon Chiffon. This pastel, off-white shade makes for a calm, peaceful yellow. This color works best in areas with lots of natural light, or rooms that need an open, airy feel like your dining room, kitchen, or sitting room. It also makes a great shade for a gender-neutral nursery if you’re staying away from pink and blue! If you’re sick of white walls, Lemon Chiffon is a safe color to switch it up a little without getting too crazy.

Sherwin Williams - Honey Bees

This one’s definitely for the yellow enthusiasts of the world! Sherwin Williams’ Honey Bees is bold, bright, and truly unapologetic about it’s yellowness. I love this color for a modern style home that doesn’t shy away from pops of color. For spaces like a dining room or bathroom, it will go a long way in making the space feel special and exciting. In larger spaces like a living room or bedroom, throw a little teal in for accents and you’re officially the “fun friend” of home decor!

Dulux Lime Zest 3

The brightest of them all, Dulux Lime Zest 3 brings all the glory of a thousand suns wherever it goes! This shade might be too overpowering for the average person so definitely test it out first. However, it makes for great accents if you want to repaint old furniture or even give your front door a makeover! I saw a pin with this exact color on a front door titled “Because I don’t do average…” and I have to say, I think that’s what Lime Zest 3 is all about! While this is one of my favorite yellows, it’s certainly not for everyone. Paint wisely!

Which yellow is your favorite from this list? I’d love to know! Or if you have a favorite yellow that’s missing from this list, tag @idyll_bound_interiors in what you find inspirational on Instagram. I’m always looking for more yellows to fall in love with. :)

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