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enjoy a life of idyllic living

Renatta will design in any aesthetic you prefer, while introducing you to other ideas and concepts you may have never seen before. She'll get to know you, your style, and the way you live in order to create a space that is unique and customized just for you.

  • What Area Is Your Services Available?
    Virtual/E-Design services are available to clients residing anywhere within the United States.
  • I've Never Worked With A Designer. How Does The Process Work?
    Here's the initial phase of the project in a nutshell: 1. We will start with the initial free phone conversation to discuss your design needs 2. Then, based on your design needs we'll determine which service is best for you 3. You'll receive a proposal and information to help in the decision making process 4. Upon acceptance, the agreement is signed and payment is submitted AND THEN THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! I'll be in touch about the specifics of your project and following steps!
  • What kind of budgets do you work with?
    Every. Single. One. AND, I'll stick to the budget!
  • Can I Expect Hidden Fees and Hourly Charges?
    Unless a custom design package is agreed upon you won't have to worry about any additional charges outside of the flat fee rate.
  • How Long Do Projects Generally Take?
    Several factors are taken into consideration as it relates to a timeline. The scope of work, schedule constraints by the designer, turn around time, delays outside of our control, how quickly decisions are made and so many other things. A good estimation of time can be given during your consultation. If you have a time sensitive project, please let us know during your free phone session so that we can ensure that your needs are met.
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